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Port Forwarding: Virgin SuperHub

Port forwarding with a Virgin SuperHub

If you've had problems with your phone registering online, with dropping calls or with audio loss, port forwarding the Local Ports used by your VoIP phone may provide a solution.

Before setting up port forwarding please take the following steps:

1. Set your VoIP phone or device to use non-default Local or Listen UDP ports.

If you've more than one VoIP phone behind the same router each should use different Local Ports.
Click these links for a help changing your phone's local port settings:

Local Port selection

Changing your phone's Local SIP & RTP Ports

Below we'll assume you've used the Local SIP Port 46160 and Local RTP Ports 46104-46120 in your phone settings. If you've used different values, please replace these below with your chosen values.

2. Set each of your SIP phones and devices to use Static IP Addresses. Your phone's manual will detail the steps to take to assign it a Static IP Address.

For brief testing of port-forwarding as a solution this step and step 3 can usually be skipped, but should be completed later.

3. Set up DHCP reservation in your SuperHub's settings for your VoIP Phone/device:

  • Open your SuperHub's Advanced Settings (click here for help)
  • Scroll down to the DHCP menu and click on DHCP Reservation:

  • Under Add Reservation enter a Name, your VoIP phone/device's MAC Address and IP address:

  • Click Add Reservation.
  • A new entry will be added to your SuperHub's IP Lease Table.


Setting Up Port Forwarding:

Follow the steps at the following Virgin Help link to access your SuperHub's Port Forwarding settings:

Setting up port forwarding and port triggering on my Virgin Media router

  • In the Add Rule section create two Custom rules:
  1. Name: SIPGATE SIP

Start Port: 46160 End Port: 46160

Protocol: UDP

IP Address: Your VoIP phone or device's IP address


Start Port: 46104 End Port: 46120

Protocol: UDP

IP Address: Your VoIP phone or device's IP address


You've completed configuring port forwarding rules for your phone. Please take the following steps and then reboot your HomeHub and VoIP phone:

  • Disable UPnP if enabled:


  • Power your VoIP phone and SuperHub off and on and check that your changes have been retained.
  • Test with and without the STUN Server enabled in your VoIP phone's settings.




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