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How much does it cost to port my number to sipgate?

The fee to port a single phone number to a sipgate UK basic account is £30 GBP.

Please do not top up your account with the porting application fee until we've sent you the porting application forms.

Before returning the porting application forms to sipgate please top up your sipgate basic account with £10 by credit card (not PayPal). sipgate's Porting staff will charge the remainder of the porting fee to your card after submitting your number porting application.

Rejected Ports: If your current service provider rejects your porting request a £10 GBP rejection fee will be deducted from your sipgate account balance.

If your current service provider rejects your port application you will still be charged for the rejected application and any subsequent resubmissions.

 Amending or Cancelling Port Applications: The fee to cancel a porting application or change the details submitted in your application is £10.- GBP

 There's no recurring service charges or top-up requirements to use a sipgate basic account and phone number:

Is my sipgate basic UK telephone number free of charge?

Do I have to pay fees to use sipgate basic?


!! Avoid delays and extra costs due to port rejections !!

Be sure all details you provide in the porting application forms are correct. Check with your current service provider if unsure.


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