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Softphone Debug Logs

If you're having trouble using your softphone, the contents of its Debug logs may contain useful troubleshooting information.



Close and re-open PhonerLite. After PhonerLite has restarted, open the Help menu and click on Debug

After replicating the problem at least twice:

  • Open the Debug tab;
  • Highlight the Debug tab's contents;
  • Copy and paste the contents into a text file.



Windows, Mac & Linux OS:

  • Open Help --> Enable debug log and click Yes to enable debugging.
  • Try to replicate the problem.
  • Re-open Help and click on Show Log Dialog.
  • Disable Debug Log under Help



Android: Under Advanced Settings a Log can be sent to Counterpath support.

Desktop: Under Help --> Troubleshooting --> Diagnostics --> Advanced Logging choose a problem related to phone calls and audio and click Start Advanced Logging. The log will be saved to your computer.



Under Help --> Troubleshooting --> Support set the Logging Level to verbose and then click View Log


Acrobits (Android):

Under Settings --> Edit Program Settings --> Preferences enable Log Network Traffic.

Tap back to the Settings menu.

Under Information there will be a new Logs option.



In Media5-fone's settings open the SIP Traces menu.


CSIP Simple:

The steps to enable logging with CSIP Simple are described at:


Grandstream Wave:

Under Settings --> Debug tap on SIP Message Trace to start recording SIP messages.


Telephone For Mac:

Enabling debug information with Telephone (tlphn):



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