sipgate basic Help

Grandstream DP715

The following guide will help configure your Grandstream DP715 with your sipgate basic residential account.

To configure your Grandstream you'll need your SIPID and SIP Password.

Follow the instructions in your device manual to access your Grandstream's Web Interface menus.

Under the Profile tab please use the following settings:

 Handsets menu:

Advanced Settings menu:

Under Advanced Settings set the STUN Server is: to:

You'll find the correct Firmware Server Path for your Grandstream at:


To test your phone's configuration, please dial the following sipgate numbers:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020

 For further tests and information please click here.


 If you have problems registering online or making calls, test with the STUN Server enabled.

To enable STUN, open the Profile menu and change NAT Traversal (STUN) to Yes.


Using Multiple Phones Behind the Same Router:

 If there's more than one VoIP phone/device on the same local network, assigning each different local UDP ports will avoid port conflicts.

For each SIP Phone or device you add, increment the local ports used by 100.

For a Help article about local port numbering, please click here.


 If you run into issues registering your phone online, with placing calls, or with audio quality the following Help Articles offer useful troubleshooting advice:

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