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Virgin SuperHubs

Most residential users won't experience problems using SIP VoIP services with a Virgin Superhub.

Problems with calls and with registering your VoIP phone online via your SuperHub may occur, especially where there are multiple phones and/or VoIP accounts in use.

Virgin SuperHubs implement SIP ALG which may modify SIP VoIP packets in undesirable ways. Unlike most routers SIP ALG cannot be disabled in your SuperHub's settings.  

For some customers the only reliable solution is to place their SuperHub in modem mode and use a different router instead. 

If you run into problems please try the following steps:

  • Disable UPnP in your router settings. 
  • Set each of your VoIP phones to use non-default local ports. Information about port numbers and the settings location in many phones is available here.
  • Test with and without the STUN Server setting enabled in your VoIP phone settings.  

Failing the above the following may provide a solution: 

When contacting our support team please let us know: 

  • Any troubleshooting steps you've taken so far;
  • A brief description of the problem; 
  • The time of some test calls to and from your sipgate number, including at least two calls to 10005 and 50000 
  • The make and model of your VoIP phone 



You should contact your router manufacturer or ISP's support for advice before leaving Firewall options permanently disabled. 



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