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Adding Contacts from CSV files

You can import your contacts from .CSV files in the following way:

  • Open the Contacts menu in your sipgate basic account's Dashboard

  • Click on Import your contacts -> CSV.
  • Choose the .CSV file you wish to upload. 
  • When your contacts have been uploaded successfully a green status bar will appear on the top of your screen: 



You can also import the contacts directly from your Google account. 


CSV File Format:

The .CSV encoding format should be UTF-8.

A .CSV file can be easily created and then imported. CSV files created by other services' data export functions might have to be edited to match the required format. 

To import contacts with their full name and phone number, the .CSV file should be formatted as follows:

"First Name", "Last Name", "Telephone Number"

The image below shows a simple .SV file with properly formatted contact data:


Only the first three columns of your .CSV file will be imported. CSV export files from other services may use a different layout and require the columns to be moved as seen above.

Please find a .CSV example file in UTF-8 format and sample details as a download link below (Example.csv).


Known Issues:

If you receive an error message during import or the newly imported contacts aren't displayed, there might be an issue with the file format:

  • Any file created/exported in ISO format has to have its special characters exchanged for the import to work. Examples: @ =>at, é =>e, è =>e, ä =>ae, ü =>ue
  • Some special characters like the backslash (\) cannot be used in .CSV, please remove these.
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