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Completing the Letter of Authorisation

sipgate cannot submit your number porting application without a fully completed, hand signed Letter of Authorisation on file. 

The Letter of Authorisation is a standardised industry document used for both residential and business porting applications. 


From field: please enter your Current Service Provider's name and address. 


Company’s / Customer’s Registered Number" and Requester's 'Job Title': 

Residential customers and Sole Traders may leave these fields blank. 


The Site or Installation address may differ from your Billing address.

Regardless of service type all UK geographic numbers have an associated Site or Installation address. If uncertain please double check the Site Address that should be used with your current service provider.


The Customer must hand sign the Letter of Authorisation (a digital signature won't suffice).

The Customer is the holder of the account with the service provider the number is being ported from. 

Even if the Customer/account holder is requesting the port, both the Requester Details and Customer Details fields must be completed.


Cases where the Customer and Requester details may differ:

  • You're making the application on behalf of your company or employer;
  • You, the Requester, are the owner of the sipgate basic account the number is being ported to, but not the account holder / Customer with the porting number's current service provider. 



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