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Problems placing outbound calls

 If you're having problems placing outbound calls after registering your VoIP phone online: 

  • Check that you have sufficient call credit to make the call;
  • Are you calling the full number? Please also dial the area code (e.g. for London dial 020 xx and Manchester 0161 xx) even if you have a sipgate number from the same area. 
  • Check that the destination isn't a blocked international or premium rate number;
  • Are you able to call 10005 and 50000
  • Check if you can call the same number from another line e.g. your mobile;
  • Are you able to receive calls?  
  • Ensure that your VoIP phone's call blocking or dial plan options are not blocking your calls; 
  • Set your VoIP phone to use non-default local ports and test with and without the STUN Server option enabled.  

Some phones display three digit SIP Response codes on screen or in their logs. This code should indicate why registration is failing: SIP Response Codes -


 If problems continue: 

If you're contacting support please describe the problem, the results of the steps you've taken so far and some sample call information along with the the model of your phone and of your router: 

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