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Unexpected account Top Ups or Charges

The only charges with sipgate basic are for:

  • chargeable off network outbound calls that you place (including call forwardings),
  • web SMS you send, 
  • optional Features with a monthly recurring service fee that you choose to book. 

Each sipgate basic account provides one free UK phone number without a top-up requirement. No credit is required to receive inbound VoIP calls or to use the voicemail feature. 

sipgate basic is a prepaid "Pay As You Go" service. All fees for chargeable services are deducted from your account's credit balance.  

With manual or once-off top-ups £10 credit can be added each time by credit card or PayPal. Automatic top-ups using a credit card can be enabled.

Automatic top-ups can be set up to add from £10 to £50 credit when your balance drops below a pre-chosen limit. Automatic top-ups must be enabled to book some features like sipgate basic Call Packages. 


Received invoice notifications for unexpected account top-ups?

Maybe you've used or enabled one of the options or features below?

If you have, mistakes can happen with new services or options. Please cancel any applicable account features and email our support know at: 


Did you set up a Call Forwarding rule to a mobile or other number?

Some Features can be booked without setup fees or recurring service charges, but you will be charged to use these features on a per-use basis. Examples are Web-SMS and Call Forwarding.

Although the Call Forwarding feature can be added to your sipgate basic account without cost, the standard sipgate basic per minute call rate will be charged for each forwarded call that's answered.  


Have you booked a Call Package? 

When a call package is booked it will be set to automatically renew.

Automatic credit card top-ups will be enabled to meet the feature's recurring charges. You will only be charged when your account balance is too low to meet the renewal fee or when your balance drops below the limit you chose when you booked the feature. 

You can cancel a Call Package at any time online, up until one day before the renewal. After your Call Package has been cancelled, your account's automatic top-ups can also be turned off in your account's billing settings. 

Calls that you forward to other telephone numbers will not be covered by sipgate basic Call Packages. Calls forwarded to non-sipgate telephone numbers will be charged at sipgate basic's standard call rate to the chosen forwarding destination.


Was your account's Automatic Crediting enabled? 

Each time you add a £10 top up you'll be asked if you want to enable automatic top-ups. If you book a Call Package automatic crediting will be enabled during the booking. 

You can change your automatic crediting settings or cancel this option online at any time. If you've booked a Call Package you'll need to cancel the call package before it will be possible to cancel automatic crediting. 


Compare your sipgate Itemised Calls List and your phone's dialled calls history: 

Maybe someone other than you, like a guest or family member has placed more calls than is usual? 

The maximum possible duration of a chargeable call with sipgate is 150 minutes. If you're seeing calls of this duration, is your VoIP phone or device terminating calls correctly? 

Please compare your online list of charged calls from the last 90 days online with your own VoIP phone's recent calls.

You can block all chargeable calls or calls to expensive and international destinations in your sipgate account settings. Most VoIP phones also offer outbound call blocking options. 

If you're concerned someone else is using your sipgate account:




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