sipgate basic Help

Deleting old voicemails

  To delete voicemails using your VoIP phone:

  • Call 50000 from your online VoIP phone;
  • Your new voicemail messages will be immediately played. To access old voicemails please dial: 1
  • When the message you wish to delete starts playing please dial: 4
  • Your chosen voicemail message will be deleted from your voicemail box.

To delete voicemails from your sipgate basic event list:

  • Move your mouse to the right hand corner of the event to be deleted and click on "Delete":


  • Your voicemail will deleted without second POP-UP.


For each voicemail you receive we'll send you an email  with a copy of the voicemail attached.

After deleting a voicemail online or by calling 50000 you will still be able to listen to the copy of the voicemail that we sent you by email.


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