sipgate basic Help

Adding your Google Contacts

Google Contacts can directly be imported to your sipgate basic account, which helps with transferring contacts from smartphones and tablets to your sipgate basic account.   

To import your Google Contacts to sipgate:

  • Find the Contacts section in your sipgate basic account

  • Click on the Google button
  • You'll need to login to Google if you aren't already signed in 
  • After your contacts have been successfully imported a green status bar will show at the top of the screen: 


Contacts can also be imported into your sipgate basic account from CSV files



Google account users can synchronise their smartphone handset's contacts with Google contacts. Here are some Google guides for synchronising Android, Apple or Blackberry devices' contacts with Google: 

Google Help: Sync Google Contacts with your Android Contacts

Google Help: Sync Google Contacts with your Apple device

Google Help: Set Up Google Sync for BlackBerry 10 

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