sipgate basic Help

Verifying your UK mobile as the SMS sender number

After adding the Web SMS Feature the settings tab in the image below will be added to the right hand side of your sipgate basic Dashboard

By default SMS you send from your sipgate account will be sent with the Sender Name 'sipgate':

With this setting recipients of SMS you send will see 'sipgate' as the sender of the message.

After verifying your UK mobile number recipients will see your mobile number, allowing you to receive replies to your Web SMS on your UK mobile.

It's not possible to set non-UK numbers as the SMS Sender.

Click on 'change' to enter your mobile number:

We'll send a 4 digit code to your mobile number:


Please enter the code we sent you by SMS.

If the code is correct the Web SMS tab's Status will change to 'On' and your SMS will in future show your mobile number as the Sender:


If you've entered your number incorrectly click 'Cancel verification' to restart. 

Clicking 'delete' will reset your Web SMS Sender ID to 'sipgate'.

If you don't receive the verification SMS within a couple of minutes please try again. If your roaming on your mobile, please wait until your return to your home mobile network before retrying verification.


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