sipgate basic Help

General SIP phone configuration settings

sipgate tests a selection of common SIP-compliant VoIP phones/devices. For tested devices we provide specific configuration guides. Unfortunately we cannot test every device available on the market.

The general configuration settings to use with any SIP-compliant VoIP device are:

Outbound Proxy (optional)
Register Expire Time 600 Seconds
Username your SIP-ID
Authorisation ID  your SIP-ID
Telephone Number your SIP-ID
SIP Password your SIP Password
DTMF Method RFC2833
STUN Server
STUN Port 3478


If your VoIP phone has a SIP-URI option, please try using only your SIP-ID or (e.g. in this field.

Please first test without the STUN Server included in your settings. 

For the Account or Display name choose any meaningful name like sipgate, your SIPID or your phone number. 


Testing and Troubleshooting:

To test your configuration please see this Help Article

If you run into issues registering your VoIP phone online, with placing calls, or with audio quality the following Help Articles offer useful troubleshooting advice



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