sipgate basic Help


For best reliability and security, please always make sure that your AVM Fritz!Box is running the most recent firmware version available.

You'll need your SIP-ID and SIP password (not your web login password) to set up the Fritz!Box for sipgate services.

To access the device configuration, please enter the URL or the IP address into a web browser from a computer connected to your Fritz!Box. 



Please open the section Telephony -> Telephone Numbers and click on the New Telephone Number button. 



In the drop-down Provider list please choose Other Provider and enter the following settings:

Internet Telephone Number: Your SIP-ID

User name: Your SIP-ID

Password: Your SIP password


Proxy Server:

Insert area code for outgoing calls: With this option enabled the entered area code is automatically added when you dial a number that does not begin with "0".



If the option Relay outgoing emergency calls without prefixes is displayed please enable it. 

Some internet service providers provide a second, separate internet connection for telephony. This connection can only be used with the internet service provider's phone numbers.

If available, please enable the option Always register via an Internet connection so that your sipgate calls use the same connection used for regular internet traffic.


Please click Next and confirm your changes. 


Your Fritz!Box will now try to connect with sipgate:


In the Fritz!Box Telephony Devices menu you can choose which phone handsets will be used with your sipgate account.



Testing your Configuration:

To test your phone's configuration, please dial the following sipgate numbers:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020

For further tests and information please click here.

If you're experiencing issues with registering online:

  • Open Telephony -> Telephone Numbers and click the button (Edit) next to your sipgate account. 
  • If the registration failure reason is "Internet telephony registration failed [number] Reason for error: [401, 402, 403]" check that your SIP-ID, SIP password and the server address are entered correctly. 
  • If the field STUN server is shown under your account information, please enter the sipgate STUN Server address: This setting should be disabled again if it doesn't help resolve the issue.
  • If your Fritz!Box is connected behind another router you may need to set up port forwarding. AVM describes the process in detail in their help centre. 

If you're experiencing issues with making outbound calls:

  • Please open Telephony -> Telephone Numbers -> Line Settings
  • Select Other country from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the Country Code 00 44 and leave the Area Code blank. 

  If you run into issues registering your phone online, with placing calls or with audio quality please also see the following Links for troubleshooting advice:

AVM Service & Support

FRITZ!Box Service: Cannot make outgoing calls over Internet

Troubleshooting Audio Issues and Speech Quality




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