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Asterisk PBX

 The sipgate SIP Trunking service is designed for use with Local IP PBXs like Asterisk:

sipgate SIP Trunking Help pages: sipgate SIP trunking Help

The configuration and maintenance of local IP PBX phone systems is outside the support scope of the sipgate basic service's Help Desk. 

  The general SIP settings required to register any SIP Compliant online with a sipgate basic account are listed here

  The following is a general guide for Asterisk only. Although our support for local IP PBXs is limited, if you notice issues with the below settings please let our support know.    

 You'll need your SIP-ID and SIP Password

 Please Note: If your PBX is unable to configure using the register in the extensions.conf, please test in the general section of sip.conf instead.

FILE: extensions.conf

  • register =>
  • [sipgate_in]
  • exten => SIP-ID,1,Dial(SIP/Extension) <-- instead of extension you should define the corresponding peer
  • exten => SIP-ID,n,Hangup
  • [sipgate_out]
  • exten => _X.,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=SIP-ID)
  • exten => _X.,2,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@sipgate,30,trg)
  • exten => _X.,3,Hangup


FILE: sip.conf

  • []
  • type = peer
  • host =
  • outboundproxy =
  • port = 5060
  • username = SIP-ID
  • fromuser = SIP-ID
  • fromdomain =
  • secret = SIP Password
  • dtmfmode = rfc2833
  • insecure = port,invite
  • canreinvite = no
  • registertimeout = 600
  • disallow=all
  • allow=alaw
  • allow=ulaw



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