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UK Regional Settings (Cisco / Linksys / Sipura Adaptors)

Depending on where you purchased your Cisco/Linksys adaptor and the model version of your adaptor, it may be configured for US instead of UK tone and regional settings.

BT Style UK handsets may not work properly unless you first make the changes listed below. 

You'll need to login to your adaptor's web configuration menu using the "Admin" and "Advanced" modes to change the settings listed below: 


UK Regional Settings:
Dial Tone: 350@-19,440@-22;10(*/0/1+2)
Second Dial Tone: 420@-19,520@-22;10(*/0/1+2)
Outside Dial Tone: 420@-22;10(*/0/1)
Prompt Tone: 520@-19,620@-22;10(*/0/1+2)
Busy Tone: 400@-20;10(.375/.375/1)
Reorder Tone: 400@-20;10(*/0/1)
Off Hook Warning Tone: 480@-10,620@-16,1400@0,2060@0,2450@0,2600@0;60(.2/0/1,.2/0/2);240(.1/.1/3+4+5+6)
Ring Back Tone: 400@-20,450@-20;*(.4/.2/1+2,.4/2/1+2)
SIT1 Tone: 950@-16,1400@-16,1800@-16;20(.330/0/1,.330/0/2,.330/0/3,0/1/0)
Cfwd Dial Tone: 350@-19,440@-22;10(.75/.75/1+2)
DND Dial Tone: 350@-19,440@-22;10(.75/.75/1+2)
Holding Tone: 600@-20;*(.1/.1/1,.1/.1/1,.1/2.2/1)
Conference Tone: 350@-22;20(.1/.1/1,.1/9.7/1)

Distinctive Ring Patterns:
Ring1 Cadence: 60(.4/.2,.4/2)
Ring2 Cadence: 60(1/2)
Ring3 Cadence: 60(.25/.25,.25/.25,.25/1.75)
Ring4 Cadence: 60(.4/.8)
Ring5 Cadence: 60(2/4)

Distinctive Call Waiting Tone Patterns:
CWT1 Cadence: 30(.1/2)
CWT2 Cadence: 30(.25/.25,.25/.25,.25/5)
CWT3 Cadence: 30(.1/.1, .1/.1, .1/9.7)
CWT4 Cadence: 30(.1/.1,.3/.1,.1/9.3)
CWT5 Cadence: 1(.5/.5)
CWT6 Cadence: 30(.1/.1,.3/.2,.3/9.1)
CWT7 Cadence: 30(.3/.1,.3/.1,.1/9.1)
CWT8 Cadence: 2.3(.3/2)

Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec:
Ring Waveform: Trapezoid
Ring Frequency: 25
Ring Voltage: 70CWT
Frequency: 400@-10

Control Timer Values (sec):
Hook Flash Timer Min: .06
Hook Flash Timer Max: .2
Callee On Hook Delay: 0
Reorder Delay: 5
Call Back Expires: 1800
Call Back Retry Interval: 30
Call Back Delay: .5
Interdigit Long Timer: 6
Interdigit Short Timer: 3
CPC Duration: .09

Time Zone: GMT
FXS Port Impedance: 370+620||310nF
Daylight Saving Rule: start=3/-1/7/2:0:0;end=10/-1/7/2:0:0;save=1:0:0
FXS Port Input Gain: 0
FXS Port Output Gain: 0
Caller ID Method: ETSI FSK with PR(UK)
Caller ID FSK Standard: v.23


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