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What types of VoIP phones and devices can I use?

 Any SIP Protocol compliant VoIP phone, device or application should be operable with sipgate. 

There's setup guides for many popular VoIP phones and devices in our Help Centre: 

Setting up your VoIP phones and devices 

The three general types of VoIP Phones and devices supported for use with sipgate basic are: 

  • VoIP IP Deskphones; 
  • VoIP ATAs (Analogue Telephone Adaptors);
  • Softphones installed on Computers and Smartphones

To set up a Deskphone or Adaptor you'll need a computer with a web browser available. After the set up is complete deskphones, adaptors and VoIP routers don't need to be connected to a computer to operate.

ATA Adaptors are often the most economical option and will suit most home VoIP users needs. Adaptors and Deskphones used in conjunction with a suitable DSL or Cable internet connection will provide the best results.

If you're new to VoIP, before purchasing a VoIP phone, it might be a good idea to first try out sipgate with a free VoIP application (see below). You can sign up and try us out without cost or commitment.     


ATA Adaptors:

An ATA adaptor connects your fixed line (POTS) telephone handsets to your router so that they can be used for VoIP calls. 

Routers with integrated VoIP adaptors are available. Unless you wish to replace your existing router, we'd recommend avoiding combination router-adaptor devices. Their set up can be much more complex than a standard Adaptor. 

Examples of VoIP Adaptors from established manufacturers are the Cisco SPA112, Grandstream HT70x series and Obihai devices

More than one handset can be connected to a multi-line or multi-account adaptor. With a multi-line adaptor, you'll be able to make or receive more than one call at the same time with your sipgate basic account.    


VoIP IP Deskphones: 

IP Deskphones are intended for office environments. As dedicated VoIP phones, they will often have more features and greater reliability (as well as a higher price tag). 

We recommend business customers use our sipgate team service with Snom, Gigaset Deskphones and Yealink:

sipgate team: Recommended Phones & Apps 




DECT Cordless VoIP Phones:

Similar to a VoIP adaptor, but for DECT phones. VoIP Base stations can be purchased supporting multiple connected DECT cordless handsets and VoIP accounts/lines. 

We recommend Gigaset DECT solutions. Some Gigaset devices, like the DX800A, combine an IP Deskphone with a DECT base station. Yealink, Snom, Grandstream and Panasonic also manufacture popular DECT VOIP phones.


Softphones Installed on Computers, Smartphones and Tablets: 


Free VoIP applications can be installed on computers, smartphones and tablets.

A softphone installed on a computer and used with a headset will tend to provide a more reliable service and often better call quality than smartphone VoIP apps. 

We recommend using Zoiper or Counterpath's Bria & X-Lite softphones.  


Unlike Android and Apple iOS devices, with Windows smartphones it will only be possible to make and receive calls with the app in the foreground. The app will not receive calls when operationg in the background. 

We know of no functional SIP VoIP client for Chromebook OS.



 Like most ITSPs, sipgate uses the UDP Protocol for signalling (not TCP). 

 sipgate basic is not a SIP Trunking service. We cannot assist with the configuration of third party IP PBXs with sipgate basic residential accounts, such as Asterisk or 3CX Phone System. 

 Be sure to choose a phone that is currently in production and fully supported by the manufacturer. End of Life or End of Production devices, while often cheaper, will not benefit from ongoing firmware, security updates, etc from the manufacturer. Always use the most recent firmware and/or software versions.  

 It's not possible to provide set up guides for every phone or device currently available. If your device isn't listed please try the General Configuration settings at: 

General Phone Configuration Settings

If you send us images of your phone's settings, we should be able to confirm the correct entries to use.  

sipgate provides Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) telephony services. We don't supply VoIP phones or hardware. 

Over the last 11 years, sipgate's support teams have tested almost every production SIP phone, device and application there is. Although any SIP phone should be operable with sipgate, some VoIP phones and devices will perform more reliably than others.   

With so many VoIP device manufacturers and SIP application developers, we cannot support every phone and device. In the end, support for your phone should be primarily provided by the manufacturer or your authorised dealer/vendor. We will try to assist by recommending quality, reliable VoIP phones and hardware that we feel are best suited for use with sipgate's services and products.

Some examples of the phones and devices we recommend are mentioned above and elsewhere on our websites, as a reference to aid you in your choice of phone.




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