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I've activated my basic account. What next?

 Thanks for signing up with sipgate basic!

Your new sipgate phone number will be ready to use immediately after activating your basic account. 

This guide will help you to quickly set up your free sipgate voicemail and a VoIP phone. 



Click here to add Voicemail to your sipgate basic in the Feature Store

After booking the Voicemail Feature your sipgate account will open. Your voicemail settings will be reached via Connections->Phone Lines->Connection Settings: VoiceMail

For now, please choose to send calls to voicemail after a delay of 10,20 or 30 seconds:  


You can change this delay in your online settings at anytime.

Please call your sipgate phone number and leave a message after the greeting. 

Can't remember your new sipgate phone number? Click here to find it. 

As we haven't set up a VoIP phone to receive calls with yet, the call was sent to your voicemail without a delay. Your online event list will show a missed VoIP call and the voicemail message: 


You can download your messages or listen to them online. You'll also receive MP3 copies of your voicemail messages by email from sipgate. 

For more information about your sipgate voicemail click here


 Setting up a VoIP Phone: 

If you don't have a VoIP phone, let's try a free VoIP app like Zoiper on your computer or smartphone.

Download links and set up guides for Zoiper and many other applications are available here.  

If you already have a VoIP phone our Help Center has configuration guides for many popular manufacturers and models here.  

Any SIP compliant VoIP phone will be operable with sipgate. If we don't have a guide for your manufacturer or model, please let us know and we should be able to help.  

If you run into problems setting up your phone please try the troubleshooting advice in our set up guides


 Making some test calls: 

You can check and manage your voicemail for free by calling 50000.

If you call 50000 from your VoIP phone you'll hear the voicemail you left earlier.  

To test your VoIP phone's general set up please call the following numbers:

  • 10000,
  • 10005 and
  • 10020 

If you try calling your sipgate number again, your VoIP phone should ring for 30 seconds and then send the call to your voicemail.

If you leave a message you'll be able to check the message in your sipgate account online, in your email or by calling 50000. 

There's no charges to receive VoIP calls, to use your voicemail or to ring UK Freephone and other sipgate UK phone numbers.   


 Feature Store:

Other Features like Caller ID, Web SMS and Call Packages can be booked in the Feature Store:  

With the Call Forwarding Feature you can choose to send calls to another mobile or UK landline number before or instead of sending the call to your sipgate voicemail. 



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