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Acrobits/Groundwire (Android & Apple iOS)


The Acrobits and Groundwire softphones can be purchased for a fee in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Please be aware that push notifications are not supported by sipgate services, which can lead to call availability issues with softphone apps that rely on them.


On a fresh install, please set up a SIP account in the app Settings first. Any settings highlighted in red should also be set accordingly in your app:


On the next screen, please select Add New Account:




Please choose New SIP Account next:


Your SIP-ID and SIP Password can be found in your sipgate basic account. The following details should be put into the account setup fields and confirmed with OK:



After setting up the account, please select the newly created entry. On the next screen select Advanced Settings:


Here, please set the value highlighted in red and select NAT Traversal:


Next, please scroll down the advanced settings and select the Hacks section:


Please enter these port values on the following page:


That's it. Please save the changes and test your configuration.



To test your phone configuration, please dial the following numbers:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020

For further tests and information click here




If you've problems registering online or with calls, please test with and without the STUN Server enabled. 

To enable STUN:

- in Acrobits' Settings open your sipgate account;

- open Advanced Settings and tap on NAT Traversal

- In the STUN Server field enter 


For further troubleshooting advice please see the following links and Help Articles for troubleshooting advice:

Acrobits Help Desk:

sipgate Help & Troubleshooting articles:




 Acrobits offers Apple iOS users the option of Push Notifications instead of Backgrounding. Using PUSH Notifications may extend your iPhone or iPad's battery life, but isn't supported by sipgate. 


 Acrobits supports using different codecs for WiFi and for 3G/4G connections. We recommend using lower bandwidth codecs with 3G/4G connections:

Supported Audio Codecs and Nominal Bandwidth

GPRS and EDGE connections may allow Acrobits to register, but won't support VoIP calling.



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