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Closing your sipgate basic residential account

A sipgate basic account can be closed at any time. Once confirmed through the account interface, the service account and any attached features will be cancelled towards the end of the current month.

You'll receive an automated confirmation email shortly after the final closure of your account.

A refund of your remaining account credit is available on request only. sipgate reserves the right to charge a processing fee of £6.00 for the refund of remaining account credit.



  • Your account settings, contacts, call lists and documents won't be available after the account is closed.
  • Your phone number will be deactivated after the account is closed.
  • If you wish to port your sipgate telephone number to another service provider, the port of your number must complete before your sipgate basic account is closed. 
  • The closure of your sipgate account and cancellation of your telephone number's service cannot be reversed.
  • If you use account features with a monthly recurring service fee (UK & EU Call Package, sipgate1000, ...) we recommend that changes to your account are made at the end of the month onlyA full or partial refund of the monthly service fee for paid features cannot be offered.



To close your sipgate basic account, please login to the account and find the Settings menu:


At the bottom of the menu, under Telephone Service you'll find your current account status and the cancel option:


Please check the confirmation checkbox and confirm the closure of your account with the button below:


Afterwards your account status will update and confirm the pending closure.


At the end of the month you'll receive an automated confirmation email confirming the final closure of your account.




An immediate cancellation of your account can also be requested by email to

  • Please use the email address registered with your sipgate basic account to contact us.
  • Please confirm your sipgate basic account number and telephone number in your email.
  • Please cancel any monthly-paid features in your account first.
  • Given the above, we will close your sipgate basic account effective immediately.


For further information about account closures, please see the 'Cancellation' section of the sipgate basic Terms and Conditions.







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