sipgate basic Help

I can't login to my account

If you're having issues with accessing your sipgate account, please consider the following basic checks:


  • Please be sure to use the correct sipgate login page.

  • Please check that you're using your web login password and not your SIP password, which is only for device registrations.

  • If the password is copied and pasted, please ensure that no additional characters or spaces are accidentally copied in.

  • If you're unable to login with the email address registered with your account, please try using your 7-digit sipgate basic account number (/SIP-ID) to login instead. The "e0" part is not required.

  • Should the account login still be rejected, please request a password reset and follow our email instructions to change your web login password. 

  • If login fails after changing your password twice, please contact our support team confirming your name, your sipgate account and telephone number.

  • If you've forgotten your email address or lost access to it and therefore can't reset your login password, please see our separate help centre article for assistance with re-verification: Forgotten your sipgate basic email address?
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