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Not offered a local UK number during account activation?

sipgate basic residential offers:

  • UK local geographic 01 and 02 phone numbers and
  • UK non-geographic 056 numbers. 

To be offered phone numbers from local geographic UK area codes you must complete your account sign up from inside the UK. 

 After reviewing your account sign-up, we'll send you an account activation email. Clicking the email's activation link will open your new sipgate basic account in your web browser.

If you want a local 01- or 02- number but are offered UK 056 numbers instead:

  • Do not select a non-geographic 056 phone number. 
  • Please power your router off for a few minutes (turn your internet connection off and on), close and reopen your browser and then try again. 
  • If you're still not offered a local UK number please try to complete your account activation using a different internet connection.
  • If the problem persists please contact our support from the email you used during registration confirming the area code you require a number from.
  • Our support can check the availability of numbers in an area code, for issues with your account, etc, but cannot add the required number to your account. 



Customers must provide a valid, verifiable UK address when signing up with sipgate basic. This address will be provided to the authorities in order to activate access to UK 999 Emergency Services.




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