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Haven't received an activation email?

Thanks for signing up with sipgate basic!


sipgate basic sign ups are subject to a reviewal process. We send activation emails weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 GMT. If it's been under a working day since you signed up, your sipgate basic UK residential account should be active soon. 

If you signed up from with the UK, provided your full name and your personal contact email address you should receive an activation email same or next working day. 

To complete your account sign-up, you'll need to click the link in the activation email. 


If you haven't received an activation email, before contacting our support or signing up again, please check if any of the following applies to your sign up:

 Have you checked your Spam and/or Junk email folders?    

 sipgate will only activate account sign ups made from within the UK

If you signed up from outside the UK, please try signing up again on your return to the UK.

If you signed up over a VPN, 3G/4G, corporate, university campus or public WiFi internet connections, please try signing up again from a different internet connection.  

 Please be sure to provide your full name.

 Don't make multiple repeated sign ups.  

 Use a personal email address like 'myname@....'.   

Please do not sign up with the following email addresses: 

  • temporary disposable or anonymised email services like HushMail;
  • emails containing job titles or the following words: sipgate, admin, contact, customer, donotreply, enquiries, general, hello, help, helpdesk, HR, home, info, jobs, junk, legal, line, ltd, mail, marketing, office, operations, phone, reply, noreply, reception, support, sales, service, sip, sipgate, spam, support, technical, telephone, telephony, voip, welcome, workshop, etc. 
  • alias forms of your email address or addresses containing '.' or '+' signs 
  •, hushmail, yandex or addresses. 
  • email addresses containing only numbers or containing long strings of numbers.


If none of the above apply to your sign up please contact our support from the email you signed up with at: 



sipgate retains registration data for incomplete account sign-ups for no more than 5 working days. If it's been more than a few working days since your sign-up, sipgate will be unable to check why you didn't receive an email. 

 As per the service T&Cs and ToS, the personal data (e.g. name, email address, postal address, etc) customers provide sipgate with must be valid and kept up to date at all times. 







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