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Blocking expensive & international calls

When you sign up with sipgate basic calls to expensive international destinations will be blocked by default. This setting can be adjusted directly from your sipgate basic account.


Please find the account menu in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Settings:


You'll find the option Blocked call destinations in the list of account settings. Click Change here:


Please tick the boxes to choose which destinations should be barred for calls from your account: 


Click Change again to save your choices or Cancel to discard them.



Notes & FAQ

Why can't I change the call barring setting on my sipgate basic acount?

With newly registered accounts or accounts that have never been topped up with call credit, call barring options may be locked. If you notice you can't change this setting, but wish to call a barred number, please contact our support team for assistance.



What are international and premium-rate numbers?

With this number category you can bar calls to any international landlines and mobile, as well as UK high-cost service numbers (e.g. 084- and 087- numbers).

Some phone numbers are generally not reachable with sipgate services. These include UK 070- "Personal Numbers", 09- Premium Rate numbers and also any 08- Service Numbers that cost more to call than our per minute call charge to that destination.


What are expensive international destinations?

These are international landline and mobile destinations, which are especially expensive or rarely used by our customers. We've blocked these destinations by default on new accounts because it has a small impact on regular telephony. The included destinations in this category may change over time as we adjust our systems.


What exactly means "all chargeable call destinations"?

If this option is selected, no calls that generate call charges will be possible from your sipgate basic account. You will still be able to call other sipgate phone numbers, UK 0800 freephone numbers and UK 999 (/112) Emergency Services. 


Can I block all outgoing calls from my account? 

Yes, if you contact our support team. With all outgoing calls blocked the Emergency Services at 999 / 112 will also not be reachable from your sipgate account. 

If you wish to block all outbound calling from your sipgate basic account, please email our support at 

Once enabled, this option can only be disabled by sipgate support. 


Can I block outgoing calls directly from my VoIP phone?

Most current VoIP phones and devices will have options to block or bar outbound calls to particular numbers. Often this is done using the phone's "dial plan" feature. For information about your phone's dial plan and call barring options please see the device manual or contact the manufacturer's support. 

Cisco: Explaining Dial Plan

Snom: Features/Dial Plan/Regular Expressions

Grandstream: How do I set up the dial plan? 

Obihai: Dial plan explanation

Yealink: Block Out Option

Gigaset: See Dialling Plans and Blocking Numbers in your device manual.  

Panasonic: See your phone's Call Restriction options. 


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