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Changing my sipgate basic phone number

A phone number change is available at any time by request to our support team. Please always contact us from your account's registered email address.

Our support team can remove your current phone number from the account. The account will become unreachable in the process.

Once the number has been removed, you'll be able to select a new phone number with your next account login, in the same way you did when the account was created.


Important information regarding your phone number change:

  • Please ensure that you're currently within the UK and not abroad when requesting a number change.
  • Please ensure that you have login access to the account to be able to select your new number.
  • If you're requesting the number change while moving house, please also update your account's emergency address as well as its billing address.
  • Your previously owned phone number will be replaced and deactivated. It is no longer available for number porting and cannot be retrieved.



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