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Uploading a personal voicemail greeting as MP3

By default the sipgate basic voicemail feature offers a standard greeting. If you wish to replace this with a personal greeting, there are two options available:

If the voicemail settings described below are not available in your sipgate basic account, please ensure that the free voicemail feature has already been booked.



Uploading an MP3 file through your sipgate basic account


Please prepare an audio file in MP3 format, using a recording software of your choice. Most smartphones provide voice recorder apps that can save to MP3 format. For best results the voicemail greeting file should be

  • under 120 seconds in length
  • smaller than 5MB in size
  • encoded with a 192kbit/s or 256kbit/s bitrate


When you're logged in to your account with the voicemail feature active, you should see a voicemail box on the main page. The settings page will open when you select the gear symbol to the right:


In the new window, please select Manage greetings to get to the upload function:


Please select Upload greeting to pick your recorded MP3 file:


The new greeting will appear in your list of available greetings. Should you require a different message for specific occasions, you can upload multiple files here:


Please close the management window to find your newly uploaded greeting added to the list of options:





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