sipgate basic Help

Setting up your outgoing caller ID

With sipgate basic you can decide how your calls are displayed on the receiving side. 

If you haven't already, you'll first need to add the Caller ID feature to your sipgate account in the Feature Store.

After booking the the Caller ID feature the setting can be found in your sipgate account's Phones menu.

Please click on the gear symbol to change the setting:



If you click on the cross-symbol to remove the current Caller ID entry, a pop-up will offer your sipgate basic phone number and an Anonymous choice. The third option is to ignore these suggestions and to enter your own alternative phone number directly:




Limitations regarding the display of non-sipgate phone numbers:

Emergency services, law enforcement agencies and gouvernment services, as well as businesses and private customers with the necessary telephony equipment will still be able to see your original sipgate phone number.

sipgate and the provider of the called-to phone numberl, as well as any telephony network in the communication path will be able to see your original sipgate phone number.

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