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999/112 Emergency Location Status Notifications

 Please be sure to first read the sipgate basic Emergency Call Regulations, which must be read and agreed to prior to registering with sipgate basic.

 When you sign up with sipgate basic we'll first ask you to verify the Start Code in your account. The Start Code comes by letter mail. In your account settings you'll see this:



 After Start Code confirmation we will submit the UK address you provided to the EHA for validation for calls to 999/112 emergency services.

 You can change your emergency location in your account settings. If the Start Code hasn't been confirmed yet, this will also send out a new Start Code letter, invalidating the first code.

 It can take up to three working days for validation of your emergency location to process.

While the validation is in progress the following message will be displayed in your sipgate account settings:



 When your Emergency Location has been processed we'll notify you by email:


 Emergency Location Activation failed? Please click here.

If your emergency location has failed validation, access to 999 UK smergency services will not be active from your account.

In this situation, we'll send you an email requesting the correction of your account address:





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