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Emergency Address Activation Failed

 Please be sure to first read the sipgate basic Emergency Call Regulations which must be read and agreed to prior to registering with sipgate basic.

 To be able to contact UK 999 /112 emergency services from your sipgate account, your emergency location must first be activated!

 Validation of emergency addresses can take three (3) working days to process and we'll email you when complete.

 If validation of your mainland UK address for access to 999/112 UK Emergency Services was not successful:


 If your address fails validation again, please do not try submitting it again.
Please email our support for advice including:

  • Your sipgate account number;
  • Screenshot of your address as displayed on the Royal Mail Website;
  • Scanned proof of your address (e.g. recent utility bill in your name);
  • Scanned copy of photo ID.
  • Using an online tool like Google Maps send us your exact co-ordinates or send us a link to your location on sites like Google or Bing maps.



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