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Itemised Call List

 In your sipgate basic account's Billing & Invoices area an Itemised List of your chargeable calls from the last 90 days can be downloaded as a PDF file.

 After logging into your basic account, under the Account Balance tab click Billing & Invoices:


 Click on one of the PDF Call Lists:


 Your Itemised Call List will be downloaded in PDF format.

Opening PDF Files:

Click the image above or here to download Adobe Acrobat's freeware PDF Reader.

 You can choose what information is saved in your basic account's call list. The options available are:

  • Call data will be saved completely (the whole phone number saved and displayed).
  • Call data will be saved anonymised (with the last three digits of the phone number removed).
  • Call data will not be saved at all (and your existing itemised calls will be deleted).


 Information on Privacy Policy: When itemised calls are saved completely, all users have to be informed in advance.


 Your last 100 recent inbound and outbound calls, voicemails and sent SMS can be checked online in your event list: sipgate basic Event List



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