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Topping up your basic account manually (one-time payments)

A manual top-up of your account credit is the easiest way to pay for outbound calls from your account. The standard top-up value is £10.

If you wish to make your life easier and avoid running out of call credit, we'd suggest activating automatic crediting. Larger top-up amounts than £10 are available with automatic crediting. Booking a monthly-paid plan or feature always requires automatic crediting.



Please login to your sipgate basic account and find the account menu entry Account & Invoices:



Please select the £10.00 Top-Up button:



In the next step, please choose between credit card and PayPal.

If you're crediting your account as part of the booking process for a monthly-paid feature, only credit card will be available:



If you choose PayPal you'll be redirected to a secure page to login with your PayPal credentials to add £10 call credit.


For credit card payment, please fill in the payment details form, check the authorisation box and finish the transaction:



After the top-up has completed, you'll receive a success status message and also have the option to activate automatic crediting by selecting Yes:



The top-up values ("trigger amount" and transaction amount) and credit card details can be changed at any time.



  • Successful top-ups should provide you with account credit immediately. 
  • You'll receive an email invoice when you top up your account credit.
  • If your top-up is not successful, please allow some time before retrying. Repeated failed top-up attempts over a short period will lead to restrictions on further crediting, until we've been notified and were able to review your account.
  • If you run into issues with PayPal payments please send our support team the Unique PayPal Transaction ID.


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