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Zoiper (Windows, Mac & Linux)

The Zoiper 3 softphone is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and Windows Phone.

Zoiper is recommended for use with sipgate:
sipgate: Recommended Phones & Apps

sipgate is a Zoiper Approved VoIP Provider.


 A pre-configured free version of Zoiper 3 can be downloaded here.

After installing Zoiper all you need to get set up is your SIPID and SIP Password.


Click Settings --> Preferences:

Next, in the Username field enter your SIP-ID and in the Password field enter your SIP Password:

After clicking Register Zoiper should return a Registered state:

Click Okay to return to the Dialpad.


Testing your Phone's Set Up:

 Call the following numbers for free to test your phone's configuration:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020
  • 50000 (sipgate voicemail)

For further tests and information click here.


 If you've problems registering Zoiper online or making calls:

  • Open the  Advanced settings menu. 
  • Click on Network
  • Set your phone to use relatively high port values and disable "Open random port above 32000" Information about local port selection is available here
  • Test with and without the STUN Server enabled:


For information about local port selection click here and about sipgate's STUN server click here

If you have problems registering your phone online, with placing calls or with audio quality see the following links and Help Articles for troubleshooting advice:

Zoiper Technical Support:

sipgate Help & Troubleshooting articles:


The images in the above guide are taken from Zoiper Free 3.9.32144 32bit rev 32121 on Windows 8.1.
The layout of the interface on Windows, Linux and Mac OS will be similar.



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