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PhonerLite (Windows OS)

 Phonerlite is a popular, reliable softphone for Windows computers.

PhonerLite can be downloaded from:

 To configure PhonerLite you'll need your SIPID and SIP Password.

 After installing Phonerlite, start the software and close the configuration assistant. Then use the configuration settings as shown below.

 Open Configuration --> Server and enter the following settings:

 Press Save and open User:

Be sure to use your SIPID and SIP Password, not your sipgate account's web login username and password.

Pressing Save should now register PhonerLite online.


 If PhonerLite has registered online successfully, the circle at the bottom of the window will turn green and return " registered":


 If you have problems registering online or making calls, please:

- change the Local Port to a relatively high port value (see below)

- test with the STUN Server omitted from your settings. 


Testing your Phone's setup:

To test your phone's configuration, please dial the following sipgate numbers:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020

For further tests and information please click here.


Local Port selection and Using multiple VoIP phones:

If there's more than one VoIP phone/device on the same local network, we recommend using different Local UDP Ports for each phone.

For each SIP Phone or device you add, increase the local ports used by 100.

For a Help article about local port numbering, please click here.

In PhonerLite's settings only the Local SIP Port ("Local Port") can be changed. The RTP ports used by PhonerLite will be two ports higher than the chosen Local Port.

PhonerLite's 'Local port' setting is found under the Network tab:


If you have problems registering your phone online, with placing calls, or with audio quality try the troubleshooting advice in the following Help Articles:





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