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Where can I find my SIP Credentials?

To set up a VoIP device or app you'll need your SIP-ID and SIP password. The SIP password is not the same as the web login password used to access your account.

These SIP credentials can be found in your account settings in the Phones section:



The key symbol on the right side lets you set a new random SIP password.


Your VoIP device or app may name the SIP-ID option differently. Typical terms found in VoIP devices are:

Username / Authorisation ID / Authentication ID / Telephone Number / User ID / SIPID


If your VoIP device only offers a single SIP-URI option, please set up the SIP-ID in the following way:  (e.g.

Please consult your device manual or online documentation for the correct address format, should registration issues occur.


Some VoIP phones and devices will not accept a SIP-ID that includes letters (alphanumeric). You'll receive an error message telling you to only use numeric values.

In this case, please try using only the 7-digit number of your SIP-ID, omitting the "e0" extension.

As our services will at some point require the "e0" extension, please consider requesting a firmware update with the device manufacturer or upgrading your device to a newer model. The purely numerical SIP-ID format will not be supported indefinitely.




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