sipgate basic Help

Changing your login email address

The email address you registered your sipgate basic account with is very important! Please keep this address updated at all times.


Your email address is our contact channel for account-specific notifications. If there is an issue with your account, we will only be able to help if you are reachable through the provided email address.

The address is used for your web login and to reset your login password.

All voicemail and billing notifications are sent to the address provided upon registration by default.



To change your login email address, please login and find the Settings option in  account menu:


Please find the Email address option in the settings menu and click on Change:


Please change the email to your new address and confirm by pressing Change again:


You should see a notification in the settings menu and receive a confirmation email to the new address:



Please follow the instructions in our confirmation email to complete the email address change.



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