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What does it cost to Forward Calls?

 Forwarded calls are outgoing calls from your sipgate basic account and will be charged at sipgate basic's standard rates.

  • There's no booking fee to add the Call Forwarding Feature to your sipgate account. 
  • There's no set up fee to create a Call Forwarding rule.
  • You'll be charged our standard call rates for the duration of chargeable calls that are forwarded to another number. 
  • Calls forwarded to other sipgate UK phone numbers are free of charge. 
  • Call Forwarding can be turned off in your online sipgate account at anytime.

Calls that you forward form your account to other telephone numbers are not covered by our monthly Call Packages (e.g. the 'sipgate1000', 'UK', 'EU' and 'EU Plus' Call Packages).

In your basic account's Billing & Invoices area, you can download an Itemised Call List of your last 90 days chargeable outbound calls. 

It is not possible to forward calls to destinations like freephone 0800, premium or high cost Service numbers.  

 For the best value, combine calll forwarding with a smartphone VoIP app.

You can place and receive VoIP calls over 3G and WiFi worldwide using a VOIP app on your smartphone. Calls will only be forwarded when your VoIP app is turned off, or you're out of suitable WiFi and 3G coverage.

You'll find set up guides for many popular VoIP apps for Anrdoid and Apple iOS at:

Softphones for Computers, Smartphones and Tablets



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