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sipgate basic call rates

 To download a complete list of sipgate basic's call charges in PDF format click here

 An overview of the Products available with your sipgate basic account and their costs is available at this link.

 You can search for the rate to a particular destination here and from your sipgate basic account:


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 Calls to other sipgate UK telephone numbers and UK freephone 0800 numbers are free of charge. 



Calls to 03xx numbers are charged at the same rate as calls to UK landline 01xx and 02xx numbers. 

 There's no charge to receive VoIP calls or voicemails at your sipgate basic telephone number. 

In the Feature Store you'll find optional add-ons to use with your sipgate basic phone service including Call Packages to UK and International numbers.

As we add new functionality and options to sipgate basic, these will be announced as new Features available for booking in the Feature Store.


All prices include VAT. Chargeable calls are billed per minute.



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