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Porting my existing telephone number to sipgate basic

Porting your number to sipgate basic

Generally we'll be able to port your geographic 01- or 02- UK number to sipgate basic, but there are some providers and area codes that sipgate cannot port from.

1. To check if sipgate can port your number contact our Port Desk at:

Please be sure to confirm:

  • the full telephone number you wish to port in your email;
  • your current service provider;
  • your sipgate basic account number (Click here to sign up). 
An incomplete list of service providers that sipgate can port UK landline numbers from is available here

2. After confirming sipgate can port your phone number we'll send you two application forms to complete and sign.  

After we've received the completed forms sipgate will manage the port application for you and keep you updated as it progresses. 

3. When your current provider accepts your port application they'll confirm the port completion date. We'll let you know the porting date so that you can plan the changeover in advance on your side. 

BT have the following time-scales for completing a number port (guideline only):

  • Single line – 7 working days
  • Multi-line – 10 working days 

sipgate cannot guarantee that the port will be carried out within the time-scales above. Information about port processing times is available here

4. Once the port has been completed, inbound calls will automatically route to your sipgate basic account and you'll be able to set your ported number as your outbound called ID. 


The fee to port a single phone number to a sipgate UK basic account is £30.- GBP.

Please do not top up your account with the porting application fee until we've sent you the porting application forms.

Before returning the porting application forms to sipgate please top up your sipgate basic account with £10 by credit card (not PayPal). sipgate's Porting staff will charge the remainder of the porting fee to your card after your porting application has been submitted.

If your current service provider rejects your port application you will still be charged for the rejected application and any subsequent resubmissions.

For full information about number porting costs please click here


Each sipgate basic account supports one sipgate allocated UK phone number and one ported UK phone number. 

Non-geographic UK numbers (08xx, 03xx, 07xx, 09xx, 05xx) cannot be ported to sipgate basic. 

Security Lines: Where there are security lines at an installation a porting order will be rejected by your current service provider unless you cancel the security functionality or transfer it onto another number prior to your port's submission.



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