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'My Phones' Overview

 The My Phones area of your dashboard displays information about your VoIP phone's online status and set up information.

Under My Phones you can also change your SIP Password.

  If your VoIP phone is offline you'll see the following in your sipgate basic online settings: 

 If your phone has registered online with your sipgate basic residential account the 'My Phones' status will update to "ON:

Clicking on "Show my active phone(s)" will display your phone's name, IP address and SIP port: 



1. You may need to refresh the webpage for the online status to update correctly.

2. The online Status is a reporting tool only. It has no affect on the operation of a connected VoIP phone. If your VoIP phone itself returns an "Online", "Registered" or "Connected" status, your phone has registered successfully online with our SIP Servers and calls will ring through to your online phone.




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