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Changing your 999/112 Emergency Address

Registering with sipgate basic requires the sipgate basic Emergency Call Regulations to be read and agreed to.

To provide you with 999/112 emergency service access, sipgate has to submit the address provided upon registration for verification with the Emergency Handling Authority (EHA). 

Isle of Man, Channel Islands and non-UK addresses are not covered by UK emergency services and are therefore not valid for emergency service access.



To change your sipgate basic 999/112 emergency address please login to your account and open the settings menu:


Under Address & 999 Emergency you'll see your current emergency address and a Change option:


Your full name and title should be provided in the next section. For the address, please enter your postcode only, select search and choose the right address from the offered selection:


Afterwards, please click on Save & Submit.

Your new address will be submitted to the BT Emergency Handling Authority (EHA) for validation. Address validation can take three working days to process.

Be sure to regularly check your email and online account for Emergency Location Status notifications.


If your exact address is not offered after entering the correct postcode, please check that your address is listed with Royal Mail. If the address belongs to a newly-built area, it may be necessary to notify Royal Mail that your address exists.



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