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Changing or adding new credit card details

You can securely change your credit card details directly from your sipgate basic account. This will usually become necessary when the card used for automatic crediting is about to expire.


If you've not set up automatic crediting yet, please see this article. Automatic crediting can be set up as the last step of any manual account top-up. For assistance with manual one-time top-ups, please see this article instead.

The automatic crediting function can only be disabled if the account has no active monthly-paid features or call packages.



Please login to your sipgate basic account and find the account menu:


Under Account & Invoices you'll find the required top-up options, as well as other billing-related information.

Please select change:   



Here the top-up amount and trigger value can be changed. To disable automatic crediting, please select deactivate in the first entry field (Top up my account balance with).

Your credit card details can be found and changed by selecting Change:


With automatic crediting only credit card payments can be used, so please select credit card...


... and update your card details in the following dialogue:




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