sipgate basic Help

Problems topping up your account or entering new credit card details?

 If you run into issues with PayPal payments please send the Unique PayPal Transaction ID to 

 If your top up isn't successful, please allow some time before retrying. Repeated failed top up attempts over a short time period may lead to temporary restrictions on our side preventing crediting, until we've reviewed your account next working day.

 If crediting fails twice in a row please allow at least an hour before retrying. If crediting again fails it will not be possible to credit your account until at least the next working day.

Please allow at least one full working day to pass since your last unsuccessful top up attempt. If it's been a working day since you last tried to top up your account and the payment fails again, please contact our support.

 The available payment methods are Credit Card (AMEX, MC & VISA) and PayPal via your online sipgate web account. It is not possible to add credit to a sipgate account using a US credit card.

We can't guarantee that payments using a Debit Card will be successful. Payments using Prepaid cards are not supported.

If your PayPal top up credit hasn't immediately been added to your account balance, please allow at least one working day before contacting our support. Although PayPal top up credit is normally available for use immediately there can be small delays before the top up credit will be credited to your balance.



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