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Topping up your basic account automatically (recurring payments)

Setting up automatic top-up/crediting is always recommended, as it ensures your account is always credited and ready to make calls. It requires a credit card; automatic top-up via PayPal is not possible.

Automatic crediting is also required when booking a monthly-paid plan or feature.


The automatic top-up process is the same as with manual top-ups via credit card. At the final step you'll find the option to activate automatic crediting. You can't set up automatic crediting without performing a manual transaction first.



Please login to your sipgate basic account and find the account menu entry Account & Invoices:



Please select the £10.00 Top-Up button:



In the next step, please choose credit card:




Please fill in the credit card details form, check the authorisation box and finish the transaction:



After the top-up has completed, you'll receive a success status message and also have the option to activate automatic crediting by selecting Yes:



After clicking Yes we'll set up your automatic crediting to add £10 when your balance drops below £5.

The top-up values ("trigger amount" and transaction amount) and credit card details can be changed at any time

The maximum top-up value with automatic crediting is £50. This value changes only when you add monthly-paid features to your account.



  • Successful top-ups should provide you with account credit immediately. 
  • You'll receive an email invoice every time we top up your account credit automatically.
  • If your top-up is not successful, please contact us immediately. Your credit card provider can also assist if a payment was rejected. After clearing the issue with your credit card provider, please initiate a chargeable call to trigger a new automatic crediting.



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