sipgate basic Help

Payment Methods

 Your sipgate basic account can be topped up securely online using PayPal and the following Credit Cards:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

 The standard top up amount is £10.- GBP credit.

 You can choose to top up your basic account's balance manually each time, or to automatically add credit by credit card to your account when your balance runs low.

Automatic recurring payments are not available with PayPal.

Each time after you manually credit your account, you'll have the option of turning on automatic account crediting.

 All credit card transactions are carried out through our secure payment system. Your payment will be credited to your sipgate basic account's balance immediately.

We'll send you an Invoice by email each time you top up your account balance.

The available payment methods are Credit Card (AMEX, MC & VISA) and PayPal via your online sipgate web account. We can't guarantee that payments using a Debit Card will be successful. It may be necessary to contact your bank before it will be possible to top up an account using your UK Visa or MasterCard Debit Card.

Payments using Prepaid cards are not supported.

 US or Canadian credit cards cannot be used to top up your basic account. There are currently no plans to add Bank Transfers or BitCoin as payment methods.

One-time payments by bank transfer are currently only available to sipgate team and SIP Trunking customers.



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