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Zoiper (Android & Apple iOS)

The Zoiper softphone is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and Windows Phone OS.

sipgate is a Zoiper Approved VoIP Provider which provides a simple way of getting with our service using this very popular softphone.


A free Zoiper softphone that comes pre-configured for use with sipgate services, can be downloaded here


After installing Zoiper, all you need to do up is enter your SIPID and SIP Password. The steps for Zoiper with Android & Windows Phone will be similar:


After installing Zoiper, please click Settings or Config and then follow the process shown below: 


Please select sipgate UK from the providers list and enter your SIP-ID and SIP Password:



After entering your SIP-ID and SIP Password, Zoiper will connect to your sipgate basic account and register the softphone. With Zoiper for iPad and iPhone, please click the Register button to connect.

If Zoiper reports Registration Failed, please check your username and password first. Should these details be correct, please see the Troubleshooting section below.



Testing your Phone's Set Up:

Call the following numbers for free to test your phone's configuration:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020
  • 50000 (sipgate voicemail)

For further tests and information click here


Troubleshooting and Notes:

If you encounter issues while registering Zoiper online or making calls, please test both with and without the STUN Server setting enabled:


If you're using 3G/4G, please only enable lower bandwidth codecs:

Supported Audio Codecs and Nominal Bandwidth


If you have problems registering your phone online, with placing calls or with audio quality see the following links and Help Articles for troubleshooting advice:

Zoiper Technical Support:

sipgate Help & Troubleshooting articles:




Apple iOS:
To be reachable with Zoiper for longer than 15 minutes please adjust some settings for your iOS device.
The following settings should enable you to register for up to two hours without app interaction:

Settings -> Incoming Calls:
Force background: change inactive to active
Wi-Fi Keep Alive: change inactive to active

Windows Phone:
With Windows 8 it's not possible to run applications like Zoiper in the background.
Currently, it will only be possible to receive calls on a Windows Phone when the application is in the foreground. This is a limitation imposed by Microsoft on their operating system, not present with Android, Apple or Blackberry devices.
If you're encountering audio issues with Zoiper on Android phones, a change of audio drivers can help. Please open Zoiper and find the option under Config -> Audio -> Audio driver. Please select "External Java Driver" and exit Zoiper. After a restart of your device the new setting should apply.
Error 400 Bad Request:
If you're encountering issues with Zoiper registration and receive the error message 400 Bad Request, please check if Push Notifications are enabled in Zoiper settings. Push Notifications are not supported with sipgate services.
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