sipgate basic Help

Ekiga (Linux)



Please follow the steps below to set up Ekiga with your sipgate account.

To configure Ekiga you'll need your SIPID and SIP Password

  • In Ekiga's menu bar click on Edit, followed by Accounts and choose Add a SIP Account.
  • Enter the following details into the Edit Account window:


  • After clicking OK Ekiga should register online and show a Registered Status in the Accounts window.
  • Next, click Edit --> Preferences.
    Click on SIP Settings and set the DTMF Mode to RFC2833:


Testing your Phone's setup:

1list.gif To test your phone's configuration, please dial the following sipgate numbers:

  • 10000
  • 10005
  • 10020

  For further tests and information please click here.


1list.gif If you've problems registering online or making calls test with and without STUN enabled:
- In Ekiga's Preferences menu open Network Settings.  
- In the STUN Server field enter 
- Set the NAT Traversal Method to STUN or None to turn STUN on or off.

1list.gif Further troubleshooting advice is available in the following Help Articles:

1list.gif If issues persist please test with an alternative softphone like PhonerLite, X-Lite or Zoiper.



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