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Recording a personal voicemail greeting

By default the sipgate basic voicemail feature offers a standard greeting. If you wish to replace this with a personal greeting, there are two options available:

If the voicemail settings described below are not available in your sipgate basic account, please ensure that the free voicemail feature has already been booked and enabled.



Recording a greeting with a registered VoIP phone


This method requires a VoIP phone connected to your account. Please see our configuration guides for instructions on how to register a telephony device.

Once registered, please dial 50000 from the telephone to access the voicemail system of your account.

In the voicemail menu, please 

  • press 2 to manage your voicemail
  • press 2 again to record your new voicemail greeting
  • after recording your greeting press the # key
  • your recording will be played back to you
  • to keep the recording press 1 or to record a new greeting press 2

You can return to the main menu at any time by pressing the * key.

The newly recorded message should now be set up to greet your callers.



Please be aware that the quality of a phone-based recording will be limited. For better results, please upload an MP3 file directly.


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